Connected. Efficient. Advanced.

Established in 2018, we bring our expertise to elevate businesses by designing and developing websites and mobile applications that fit your brand’s identity, serving as one of the communcation media between your brand and customers.

OMNI always strives for excellence when it comes to providing IT solution services. With a wide-range of clients in any industry with different scales and challenges, we are here to create something amazing together with you.

Hence, the name “OMNI”, which means all, is suitable to sum up the vast products and services we offer.

Website Developer

Three things that we base off according to what our client wants: look and feel, budget and needs, and brand identity.

One question: do you still need a website? Yes, especially when people still use search engines everywhere, among other advantages.

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Mobile App Developer

With smartphones as a basic necessity, mobile apps are needed for businesses to keep in touch with their customers.

From requests, launches to maintenance service and development, we’re ready to make Android and iOS applications that would become very beneficial to your brand.

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IT Consultant

Our extended service branches from the fast-paced growth of technology and businesses competing with each other in terms of better IT.

With this in mind, we will provide insights, strategies on maximizing technology and develop products for clients while solving crises as an outsourced IT team.

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Our Clients

With a wide-range of clients in any industry with different scales and challenges, from multinational, state-owned enterprise, and private businesses, OMNI has fulfilled its commitment to grow with its clients. 

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